Facts about Online Gambling Every Gambler Should Know

As of 2018, the online gambling industry across the globe was a $50 billion a year market. However, it is surprising how uneducated some people are regarding the gambling industry. If you are just thinking of joining the online gambling market to enjoy your betting hobby, there are some surprising factors about online gambling that you should know.

Here are 5 surprising facts about online gambling that every gambler should know.

Online gambling laws are based on where you reside

While you can find hundreds of posts regarding the regulation of online gambling. Most of these are aimed at people living in the United States but are not 100% exclusive to USA residents. Most of these blogs just fail to address the real issues regarding the regulation of online gambling.

A question regarding whether online gambling is legal doesn’t have a definitive answer because it will be dependent on where you live. For instance, if you reside in the USA, then you should know that federal law prohibits gambling on sports over the phone through what is referred to as the Wire Act. There is no one that has ever been arrested in the USA for playing poker; only two people have ever been arrested for betting on sports.

In fact, these gambling laws do not in any way concern the casino player, in most cases, it is upon the casino site operator to make sure they comply with the available laws.

Most Online Casinos Provide a Fair Gaming Experience

Another common question asked by online players is whether casino games are 1005 fair. Most online casino players worry that games are impossible to win or are rigged.

Basically, casino games offered by reputable sites that we recommend are not in any way rigged. Game inventors and casinos use mathematics to do calculations and make sure that the house always has an edge. The casinos do this by playing off wagers at lower odds as compared to the winning odds.

American roulette is a perfect example of this hypothesis. The roulette wheel has 38 numbers, 18 of them are red and 18 are black and the remaining two are green.

A wager on the black numbers pays off even money where a player risks $50 to win $50. If you did this about 38 times consecutively, you will see $800 in wins and $1000 in losses. As a result, the online casino makes $200.

For this reason, the casino doesn’t have to cheat or rig their games because they already have an advantage over the player.

The most important thing that a player needs to do is make sure that they only sign up at an online casino that is trustworthy and reliable to ensure they can cash out their winnings after a great day at the casino.

Some Casino Bad Betting Sites Make It Hard To Withdraw Winnings

When you are choosing a casino, you ought to spend time reading some reviews from honest reviewers. Most casinos make it very hard for players to withdraw their winnings with the hope that they can encourage you to keep money at the casino and perhaps continue playing so that you can ultimately lose. Keep in mind that the golden rule of online gambling is leaving when you are ahead. However, this will not work if you cannot cash out your winnings.

While this is something that most players do not notice, it is something that you can easily find out if you choose to read honest casino reviews. If a casino behaves in such a manner, then you can rest assured that there is someone who has noticed and wrote about it.

You should look out for reviews that outline the cons and pros of online casinos as we do in our honest casino reviews. If you are reading player reviews, then you should not take their word as final because it could be some disgruntled player who is trying to tarnish the name of the casino. Try checking our reviews for the most trustworthy reviews.

Gambling Problem Is A Real Phenomenon

It is easy for an online casino player to get carried away by playing their favorite casino games. There is a high chance of this happen for players who have lost and are trying everything possible to recoup their losses. If you think that you are experiencing any issues related to gambling addiction, then you should get in touch with the available organizations in your area such as gambling anonymous so you can get the help you need. There are different ways through which you can get in touch with these organizations such as phone, email or live chat.

You Can Play Casino Games For Free

If you have found a legit online casino then you will be glad to know that you can play video poker games and slot machines for free without risking your money. Most of the leading online casinos have a ‘play money’ version that allows players to play for free without depositing funds into their accounts. This can be very helpful if you are a beginner who wants to learn about the games before you start playing for real money. Once you have tried out all the games you want to play for real money and feel that you have perfected your gaming skills, you can then deposit funds into your casino account and place a real money bet.

Many Online Casinos Allow Players To Ban Themselves

Almost all online casinos that we recommend offer effective self-exclusion programs. This means you can contact the casino site and explain to the customer care agent that you have a problem gambling and they can block you from their site for a specified period.

All legit casino sites do this to help protect themselves and their players.


As a niche, the online gambling market is very easy to understand, but unfortunately, there are some people that do not yet understand the facts about gambling online.

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