Reasons Why Bitcoin Online Casinos are on the Rise

Online casinos have been an important aspect of innovation and technology when it comes to online gambling. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that a high number of internet casinos are currently offering a wide variety of bitcoin gambling games. The main reason for the adoption of bitcoin in the online gambling sector hangs on a series of possibilities that bitcoin affords both gamblers and online casinos.

Read on to find the reason for the upsurge of bitcoin casinos.


If there is just one thing that many people will not just forget about bitcoin is the notion that bitcoin never reveals the identity of the users. Identification of the user is a major point of concern for gamblers in some countries. This is particularly true in countries where betting activities are utilized as essential determinants of how much credit facility or loans are available to the punter. Anonymity can offer the gambler a much better credit standing.

Considering that most betting sites like Syndicate Internet Casinos only require a player’s bitcoin address, the players betting history can be effectively concealed. Furthermore, if the bitcoin online casino site gets hacked, the players do not have to worry about losing their details or the details being accessed by other third parties.

However, for the online casinos that need registration, the hacking incident might result in lots of worries to punters that have supplied their information.


Most gambling sites that accept fiat currencies have regional regulations and limitations on the players. For example, punters from some countries might not be allowed to access their favorite casino games. Nevertheless, bitcoin casino games remove many of these restrictions as punters can easily circumvent these regulations and continue playing their games without any limitations.

The newly found freedom for players also bonds perfectly for the bitcoin online casinos as they get a better reputation and more patronage in the gambling market.

Low Fees

Most online casino slots for real money providing the gambling games in the authorization currency third party fees and withdrawal charges. Because the third parties are few in the online bitcoin casinos, the players do not have to pay these fees. Nevertheless, during every transaction, every bitcoin user is supposed to pay the compulsory transaction charges. Technically, the bitcoin transaction charges are usually lower than the transaction charges from the fiat currency options.

Reduced Risks

Most people get bitcoin either as gifts from their loved ones or through mining. The usage of the bitcoin rather than the fiat currency reduces the risks of going broke due to problem gambling and bad gambling trends.

Chance To Increase Your Winning Chances

With bitcoins price volatility, most punters are now taking advantage of increasing their withdrawal value. For instance, a punter wins a bitcoin that was worth about $9500. If the player leaves the bitcoin in their wallet for several days and the value of the bitcoin increases to $10,000 and above, the player will have added about $500 value to their winnings if they convert the bitcoin to real cash at a specific point in time.

Access The Usage Of New Technological Advancements

Punters that are new to the newly introduced bitcoin market can gain additional insights and experience through the use of internet bitcoin casino sites. Once the new gamblers understand exactly how bitcoin works, they can thereafter join other players across the globe who is utilizing the bitcoin platform to maximize their chances of winning.

Furthermore, as most bitcoin online casinos are being fully integrated into blockchain technology, players can rest assured that they will not be cheated in any way because this is a fully reputed platform. Once a player gets lucky enough to win big, he/she will undoubtedly get their winnings.

As the blockchain technology gains more popularity across the globe, it is highly likely for internet casinos to find additional methods of integrating their wide array of games to enrich the gamblers experience. Research estimates that bitcoin betting will most definitely keep transforming the betting sector for the better for years to come.

You Get Exclusive Bitcoin Bonuses At The Best Bitcoin Casinos

Most online casinos usually work on the cutting edge that features some of the richest attractions such as leaderboard challenges, blackjack games, roulette games, and interactive slots. Perhaps the most profound thing yet when it comes to gambling online is the live dealer casino games. These are the games that feature live dealers in real-time through the streaming cam.

With technological innovations leading, it is only reasonable that online casino players are fully rewarded for the time they spend playing using bitcoin. Because everybody is always looking out for free bitcoins, the chance to receive the bitcoin bonus in your bankroll is quite attractive. Most people believe that bitcoins will dramatically evolve in the long run and these exclusive bonuses are a perfect way to feed such a narrative. Many online casinos give bonuses to players, including multi-deposit bonuses, free spins, matching deposit bonuses, redeposit bonuses and many others. Nevertheless, you will not have any anonymity with these types of transactions. After you have fulfilled the rollover conditions of the bitcoin bonuses, these lucrative offers are all yours to have fun and enjoy.

Bitcoin Gambling Allows Players To Avoid Geographically Based Restrictions

Geolocation based restrictions are a major point of concern when it comes to limited accessibility. If a gambling site operates in California and complies with the DGE’s rules, the casino cannot by the existing laws allow gamblers from outside California’s geographical borders to sign up and play their favorite games for money. Nevertheless, bitcoin casinos can avoid all these limitations that are imposed by the government against casinos. Technically, a bitcoin casino can accept any gambler who has the bitcoin to bet. This means players from anywhere around the world can sign up and play real money games.

We have unveiled 8 broad reasons why there is an upsurge in bitcoin gambling.  

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