Secret Sports Betting Strategies That Beats Online Bookmakers

Want to understand how casinos and bookmakers stack the odds against gamblers? Roulette is a perfect example where 18 red and 18 black numbers, plus two green numbers provide you with multiple betting options. When betting on black or red, the odds of picking the right number are 18/38; with a payout for a $1 wager is $2.11. Nevertheless, the casino will only pay $2, and keep the rest. By doing this, the casino guarantees itself a house edge and profit.

The same bias is experienced in the bookie’s coefficients for football, horse racing, and other sporting activities. Bookies always make sure that the winning odds are always in their favor. However, setting the coefficients is highly difficult as compared to roulette mainly because the calculations are quite difficult.

This gives punters a better chance to win. However, one major question that online bettors have always asked is, can you find a better way to calculate the odds and beat the bookmaker?

Bettors have for a long time played within the system of beating the odds, but success has always been very rare. Technically, this is because the bookmakers work hard to calculate the odds. The bookies normally use highly experienced teams of statisticians to research historical data for sports such as horse racing and then develop a model of determining the most suitable odds for every game.

However, despite this complex approach, there is a possible weakness in how bookies work. This is because of the way they hedge their wagers to protect against the chance of a larger payout.

For instance, if two teams play volleyball, bookies usually set the winning odds for every team, fixing the win, draw or loss. Sometimes there are numerous people who can place bets on a certain outcome for reasons that are not related to the odds–for instance, the team might be more popular than anticipated. If this is the case, the bookie sets for the bigger payouts if the expected outcome is realized.

Therefore, bookies might hedge their wagers by providing better odds on the opposite result. Therefore, they attract wagers covering some potential losses.

However, there is a way that a player can develop the method which consistently determines the odds of the match in your favor and not the bookie.

The technique is pretty simple and straightforward. You can start by assuming that the bookies themselves are not perfect in setting odds and that the provided prices are an ideal reflection of the real chance to win, lose or draw, and their own margin.

If this is the case, a perfect indicator of such probabilities is the arithmetic mean of the coefficients provided by bookies. This provides average odds that are fascinatingly a perfect reflection of actual probabilities.

It then trickles down to the simple question of analyzing the possible chances and finding an emission. You can then determine the favorability of the external chances to know whether they are ideal before calculating the rate.

Know The Sporting Event You Want To Bet On

As obvious, if you want to have an opportunity to beat the bookmaker and make your betting efforts profitable in the long run you need to understand the sporting event that you want to bet on. In betting there is nothing as important as doing your homework to ensure you only place informed bets and reduce your risk.

If you are a fan of football, then almost everyone understands a thing or two about football and you will stand a better chance of placing bets in football rather than other sports such as volleyball. You will be required to keep a watchful eye on the timelines when the oddsmakers set high odds for teams higher in the league standings and made the odds to work in their favor.

You will be surprised by how frequently great odds are available in highly obscure markets, everybody understands, from one week to another, who will be in Liverpool’s squad and what their weaknesses and strengths are? For instance, the same is not true for Watford.

Accumulators: The Perfect Tricks and Tips To Beat The Bookmakers

Accumulators can provide a better way to make enough money for a small stake. For example, if you want to place a $5 wager and make a decent profit, you will need to estimate a few results correctly on the one wager. If used properly, you should think about:

  • Creating a great accumulator with 30 or 20 different teams on it might seem to be the catapulting factor for bigger returns, but it is true to state that eve the 20 teams are sure things because of them might be more than likely to draw or lose. Considering that all it will take is for one outcome to go against what you predicted and then nothing else will work to your advantage, it will not be a good value for making more profit over time.
  • You should not pad out the accumulators with the obvious odd-on wagers. This is because even 10 such bets in the accumulator might on led to 3.50 odds or 5/2. For any significant winnings, you should make a huge bet.

Bottom Line

If your sole intention of betting on your favorite football team is to win, you should not be surprised to know that there is no 100% guarantee that you are always going to win since there is nothing like a risk-free bet. Normally, you will feel sure that one team will win before the match starts, in such cases the team’s odds might be short and shocks can happen once in a while. Therefore, it is important to always check the available live betting options.

Finally, you should not just stick to looking for perfection when betting online. Consider looking for ways to exploit the generosity of the bookmaker in things such as football derbies and gaps in the oddsmaker’s knowledge.

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